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Our Philosophy!

PaintItOut is a safe space where children can be themselves while also feeling free enough to try out different roles. It’s an environment in which they can explore, investigate, question, and sometimes test limits.  PaintItOut is primarily an art and play studio, but the processes happening here are full of learning, and ultimately, still therapeutic.

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Our Roots!

PaintItOut opened in 2014 in a tiny, cozy space intended for therapeutic workshops and one-on-one sessions. As paintitout grew our founder, Bianca Sassine, realized there was a need in the Miami area for art experiences that allow individuals to truly express themselves.

As interest for more art-focused classes and camps grew, we worked more and more with children engaging in Process Art and Play from a non-clearly therapeutic perspective. We started testing out new and creative art projects, and the PaintItOut of today took shape. By the end of summer 2018, we were ready to expand and take all that we have learned to create an ideal art and play studio. 

Bianca Sassine, Founder 

Bianca was born and raised in Haiti and received her B.A. in Psychology at Elon University, and graduated from Boston College with a Masters in Social Work. In Boston, she worked as a psychotherapist with survivors of domestic violence, then in a residential facility with children who had been emotionally and physically abused.


After the earthquake in Haiti claimed her mother in 2010, Bianca moved to Miami to be closer to her family.

Before founding and launching PaintItOut here in Miami, Bianca taught yoga and volunteered at the Children’s Bereavement Center.

Working with children and helping them cope with loss and express themselves was part of the inspiration that helped spark PaintItOut.

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